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    Applied Power Technologies has taken the changes in the work environment and turned them into a positive. By recreating a culture that empowers our employees through both self and team motivation. APT is moving to home offices permanently.

    The new Washington office of Partner and Chief Revenue Officer Scott McGaugh is state of the art with high speed internet, the latest video conferencing equipment, comfortable office furniture, and the capabilities to host team meetings.

    We have proven here at APT that we can get more work done and better our way of life while working from home. APT will be adding a reimbursement to our employees for increased internet speeds and to offset utility bills. Applied Power Technologies is a leader in the new business environment of telecommuting.

    Please direct all paper correspondence, checks, invoices, purchase orders, statements, AND PACKAGE DELIVERIES to our mailing address:

    5339 Prospect Road, #287
    San Jose, CA 95129-5033