APT has forged special partnerships with distributors of power monitoring equipment, providing services that enhance their support for their customers.

Distributors use APT for:

  • Proper Selection of Power Monitoring Equipment
  • Verification/Commissioning of Meter Hardware Installations
  • Integration of Equipment into the Electrical Power Monitoring System (EPMS) Software and Building Management System (BMS)
  • Customer Acceptance Testing Levels 3-5
  • Customer Training
  • Verification of Meter Hardware Installations
  • Subject Matter Expertise to Support the Sales Department
  • The Link that Integrates all Vendor Equipment
  • Power Monitoring Device Programming

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We offer complete end-to-end power monitoring system support for a variety of industries and provide specific customer solutions to fit your needs.

Partners & Customers

APT services the Western United States and provides energy monitoring solutions to any customer with critical facilities and high energy cost. We pride ourselves on our hands-on approach and outstanding customer services.

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