The Smart Grid provides the promise of higher reliability and efficiency

Electrical uptime is of paramount importance to many critical facilities. Power quality events and issues threaten the reliability of an electrical power monitoring system. To mitigate this risk, many large organizations are utilizing cutting edge smart grid technology. In addition, utilizing the most efficient resources translates to significant savings. With the capability to generate and store their own energy, smart grids allow organizations to improve the reliability of their system.

Smart Grid Benefits

  • Reliability – Virtually Eliminate Downtime
  • Efficiency – Maximize Your Electrical Infrastructure Utilization
  • Economics – Make Complex Rate Structures Work for You
  • Sustainability – Obtain Integrated Solutions for Achieving Sustainability Goals

APT Solutions

  • Provides Reliable Power with Virtually no Downtime
  • Energy and Demand Management
  • Controls Designed to Provide Uninterrupted Power
  • Reduction of Consumption Through Renewable and Alternative Energy Sources
  • Reduction of Cost by Utilizing Batteries at Peak Load Times
  • Solves the Issue of Generator Start-up Time in the Event of an Outage

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