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APT specializes in configuring reports so that your system works for you, sending you notifications about reliability, power quality, and cost.

  • Active Pager
  • Advanced Reports
  • Energy and Demand
  • Load Profile
  • Notification
  • Power Quality
  • RepGen
  • Reporter
  • Report Pack
  • System Configuration
  • Web Reporter



Make the flow of power and energy through your electrical distribution system visible. Our intuitive, accurate single lines, elevations, equipment floor plans, and site plans are force multipliers for your operations team.

  • Alarm Log
  • Elevation
  • Event Log
  • GFX
  • Power Plan
  • Single Line
  • Vista
  • WebReach



Ensure your system stays compliant with your corporate IT standards for server hardware, operating system software, and database software.

  • EEM
  • Enterprise Energy Manager
  • ION Enterprise
  • Pegasus
  • PowerLogic SMS System Manager
  • Power Monitoring Expert
  • PMX1500
  • Power SCADA Expert
  • SMS121
  • SMS1500
  • StruxureWare



Keep every device you invested in connected to the system and recording critical data so you have the information you need, when you need it. Whether serial, wireless, Ethernet, or Fiber we’ll help you get meters and trip units talking through gateways again and keep them that way.

  • ComX510
  • EGX100
  • EGX300
  • EGX400
  • Link 150



Maintain your inventory of relays, trip units, meters and equipment up to date and plan for upgrades before they become emergencies. Replace failed meters and devices quickly and get back online.



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