End to End Coverage

APT’s end to end support solution provides service and maintenance for your entire Electrical Power Monitoring System (EPMS). From simple meter replacements and upgrades, communications troubleshooting and diagnostics, report configuration, training, to system upgrades and software upgrades.

Active Pager, Advanced Reports, Energy and Demand, Load Profile, Notification, Power Quality, RepGen, Reporter, Report Pack, System Configuration, Web Reporter
Alarm Log, Elevation, Event Log, GFX, Power Plan, Single Line, Vista, WebReach
EEM, Enterprise Energy Manager, ION Enterprise, Pegasus, PowerLogic SMS System Manager, Power Monitoring Expert, PMX1500, Power SCADA Expert, SMS121, SMS1500, StruxureWare
ComX510, EGX100, EGX300, EGX400, Link 150
CM-2150, CM-2250, CM-2350, CM-2450, CM-3250, CM-3350, CM-4250, CM-4000T, ION 6200, ION 7300, ION 7330, ION 7350, ION 7500, ION 7600, ION 7700, ION 7550, ION 7650, ION 8600, ION 8650

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Preferred Customer Support (PCS)

APT will put a knowledgeable person on site to help you fix problems and eliminate finger pointing. Our personal attention to detail fills the gap between manufacturer’s startup warranties and your operational needs, ensuring your system will provide the information you need when you need it.

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We offer complete end-to-end power monitoring system support for a variety of industries and provide specific customer solutions to fit your needs.

Our Partners & Customers

APT services the Western United States and provides energy monitoring solutions to any customer with critical facilities and high energy cost. We pride ourselves on our hands-on approach and outstanding customer services.

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