Design the Right Solution

For many years, APT’s consulting and design teams have designed and implemented successful solutions. Our team collaborates with clients to identify business needs and develop solutions that ensure maximum operational efficiency and meet/exceed goals.


Our decades of experience in this niche enables us to help your team order the equipment right the first time, avoiding expensive on-site retrofits. Moreover, APT specializes in intelligent electrical device integration as an independent, vendor-neutral system integrator making us ideal for helping sharpen the specifications of any electrical equipment.


APT provides quick and accurate pricing and submittals for meters, gateways, switches, trip units, relays, and communication cards. Further, we help specify the required startup, commissioning, and integration labor that usually gets missed. Meanwhile, APT provides immediate and accurate estimates and datasheets. As a result, this enables you to provide cost guidance to your clients and help negotiate purchase contracts from a position of strength.


As a master systems integrator, APT specializes in electrical equipment communications configuration, startup, integration, and commissioning of the entire Electrical Power Monitoring System. In other words, every switchgear relays, every distribution board trip unit, every generator, every Automatic Transfer Switch, every UPS, every PDU, down to the branch circuit monitoring level. APT’s approach will significantly enhance the success rate of these critical projects.


APT provides immediate onsite construction engineering support when you need it. Our experienced team provides installation details, configuration checklists for everything related to the electrical power monitoring system. Whether developing MOPs or commissioning documents, implementation, or maintenance, APT assists to ensure your projects finish on time and avoid costly overruns.

With decades of experience in electrical system management and hardware/software integration, APT designs solutions tailored to meet your needs. Therefore, you can determine precisely what you want to measure. In addition, APT’s licensed Professional Engineers (P.E.) staff help design a power monitoring system with appropriately specified equipment to meet your desired results.

APT can assist in many areas of your facilities improvement:

  • Complete Metering System Design
  • Risk Priority Assessments
  • Substation Switching Procedures
  • Cost Forecasting and Capacity Studies
  • Electrical Power Monitoring System (EPMS) Specification