Meter Upgrade Kit

APT specializes in upgrading existing meters while avoiding shutdowns

  • Minimize Hazardous Energy Exposure and Electrically Energized Work (EEW)
  • Avoid shutdowns just to repair or upgrade an old meter
  • Installation Drawings for Installation
  • Upgrade Meter matched to Original Meter Specifications
  • All Necessary Hardware to Match Panel Cutout and Minimize Wiring
  • Integration to Electrical Power Monitoring System (EPMS)

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Common meter upgrade example

ION 7700 to ION 9000

ION 7700 Remote Display Meter

Do you have an ION 7700 meter?

ION 7700 meters were introduced in the 1990’s and were typically used to provide power quality data at critical points in a facility.

Power Measurement stopped selling the meter in 2008. The ION 7700 meter is obsolete, there are no longer parts or repairs available from the manufacturer as of 2012.

Don’t wait for this meter to fail to plan an upgrade!

Typical 7700 meter failure modes:

  • The Remote Mounted Display (RMD) goes blank or the buttons no longer work
  • Logging on the meter will stop working
  • Communications cards lock up and do not respond

APT has a solution

APT designed an upgrade kit to take the pain out of replacing old equipment. We have done the engineering work for you and can supply the level of support you need including installation.

Meter upgrade features:

  • New ION 9000 meter with remote display to match the RMD panel cutout and includes all required hardware
  • Minimizes rewiring, matches existing meter wire harness to new meter
  • Integrates into ION StruxureWare or Power Monitoring Expert software systems
  • APT electrician support to document/remove old meter and replace with new meter
ION 9000 Remote Display meter

The ION 9000 Remote Display meter is a power quality meter that provides the same sophisticated power quality data available from the ION 7700. With the Remote Display, customers can upgrade these meters with no interruption or shutdown, matching the original installation.

Obsolete Meter Upgrade Kit

Choose your meter upgrade kit

Select the level of support you need to upgrade your meter minimizing the impact to your operation. Not sure which package is right for you? Contact APT and one of our technical experts can assist you in selecting the upgrade kit that suits your needs.


Do it yourself

  • Metering Hardware to replace basic 7700
  • Part number: ION77KBASEUPG
    • ION9000 meter
    • Meter adapter plate
  • Installation Documentation


  • Metering Hardware to replace 7700 with DC power supply and installation
  • Part number: ION77KADVUPG
    • ION9000 meter
    • Meter adapter plate
    • DC power supply
  • Installation Documentation
  • Installation by APT electrician
  • Configuration
  • Copy old meter programing to new meter


  • Metering Hardware to replace 7700 with I/O and installation
  • Part number: ION77KEXPUPG
    • ION9000 meter
    • Meter adapter plate
    • Configured I/O
  • Installation Documentation
  • Installation by APT electrician
  • Configuration
  • Copy old meter programming to new meter
  • System Integration

Need data sheet?

APT is a West Coast power SCADA systems integrator specializing in ION and PowerLogic meter systems. We are uniquely qualified to upgrade your obsolete ION Power Measurement meters and software.

As a Schneider Electric certified master integrator, APT guarantees you the upgrade solution will be properly installed, configured, and integrated.