In 2016 a large American travel company purchased a campus with six buildings. The facility was equipped with an existing SCADA system. With no documentation for the legacy system, the facilities manage- ment company requested assistance when a Generator short caused damage to equipment. APT was subcontracted to identify the issues and lead a team of specialized subcontractors to fix the issues and get the backup system fully functional.


The fault damaged the wires throughout the electrical system switchgear. There were also communication issues from the SCADA system to the relays in the Siemens 5kV and 25kV GIS switchgear. There was no documentation left behind by the previous owner of the legacy SCADA system. The challenge was to assess the current system status, address all issues and document and test any and all equipment, communications and software.



APT utilized their expertise in power and energy man- agement systems to first identify the specific issues caused by the generator short. Once the extent of the damage was identified, APT was able to act as a consultant and project manager to direct the various subcontractors to fix the plethora of issues.


Solution Specifics

APT hired specialists as needed to subcontract and fix specific issues within the system. NC Power was hired to repair the CAT Generator issues, Go-Tek repaired and replaced the fiber communications, Applied Power & Control (APC) replaced the damaged wires throughout the SCADA and Siemens repaired their switchgear.

As part of APT’s consulting and project management scope of work, APT wrote and tested procedures for testing generators. Documented proce- dures for testing the generators during a power outage were developed. Final testing included creating an artificial outage by turning off the power from the utility to ensure the system would respond correctly. At the close of the project APT provided documentation and training for the on-site team.

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