San Francisco State Case Study


San Francisco State University (SFSU) has always been on the leading edge of education and sustainable practices. SFSU is taking a multiple pronged approach to sustainability with programs including the Climate Action Plan, Zero Waste, Renewable Energy Commitment and Energy Efficiency goals.

Applied Power Technologies was hired by SFSU in 1999 to install metering throughout the campus. Since then APT has been an active contributor to the reliability and efficiency of the SFSU energy monitoring system by maintaining the system monthly, helping with expansion and upgrades and troubleshooting issues.



In 2003 SFSU set a goal of reducing overall energy use 15% by the year 2010. Improving energy efficiency is one of the largest initia- tives for California State Universities to help build a more sustainable future.

With such a great challenge ahead of them, SFSU needed an efficient way to accurately track energy consumption. Appropriate sub-metering hardware along with software displayed in an easy-to-understand platform providing actionable energy information were necessary to achieve this goal.



APT provided advanced metering technology, EMS software, installation and configuration services for SFSU. Nearly 50 power quality meters have been installed throughout the university to collect building energy and demand data. APT configured these meters for the specific needs of SFSU including advanced communications diagrams and reporting features.

These technologies provide a foundation for implementing numerous efficiency, cost savings and reliability measures allowing remote and instantaneous identification of electrical power status campus wide. The energy analysts and the sustainability team collaborate using the trending information to see opportunities for efficiency upgrades and implementing outreach programs to achieve the efficiency upgrades.



SFSU was able to achieve their goal and reduce overall energy use by 15% between 2003 and 2010. As a result, SFSU was awarded $1,000,000 from PG&E and with these improvements, saves nearly $600,000 annually. In addition to monetary compensation, SFSU has achieved their sustainability goals and are committed to their vision statement.

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