Confidential Customer


Confidential Customer hired APT to provide a dedicated system for their critical data center in Wenatchee, Washington to provide operations data on over twelve thousand branch circuits inside their data halls, and to manage the distribution of power from the utility and twenty on site generators in paralleling switchgear.


APT Creates Usable Data Center Power Monitoring System

APT designed a hierarchical system for the entire data center’s critical electrical distribution from utility service entrance through twenty generators with paralleling switchgear, automatic maintenance bypass switchgear and electrical equipment to over twelve thousand branch circuits. All this data is available from an intuitive floorplan based diagram.



APT Integrates Siemens EPMS & BCMS to Confidential Customer Network Operations Center

Confidential Customer enlisted APT to integrate the critical alarms and real time data from the Electrical Power Monitoring System (EPMS)to provide the Confidential Customer NOC an overview of the health of the Polaris data center’s electrical distribution. Requiring even more detail, APT also integrated the critical alarms and real time data from the Branch Circuit Monitoring System (BCMS) to the Confidential Customer NOC to enable drill down to the particular branch circuit supplying each server in the data center. That’s powerful information on demand when needed.



APT’s ability to transform a complicated single line to an intuitive power flow diagram showing critical loads throughout the data center was a key attribute to operator understanding and ease of use. The EPMS and BCMS systems are continually monitored to proactively identify problem areas before they become issues. Maintenance operations are initiated and monitored by the system and automatically produce time stamped sequence of operation reports.



Confidential Customer’s monitoring and control of their ~12,000 branch circuits delivering critical power to each server is easily configured and monitored using the intuitive branch circuit monitoring system screen for each 42 circuit power panel developed by APT. Operators can set alarm thresholds and match breaker sizes to as-built conditions. Alarms are generated when a loaded breaker exceeds a certain amperage draw, or when a previously loaded breaker’s amperage draw suddenly changes to zero.



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