Fourth of July | 5 Fun Ways to Save Energy

The Fourth of July is just around the corner. It’s time for BBQs, sun, summer, and fun. But, unfortunately, many don’t realize that some of their favorite traditions can save them BIG on their energy bill. So, here are a few fun activities that help reduce your energy consumption and keep your bill low.

Fourth of July |5 Fun Ways to Save Energy

1. Grilling Saves Energy?

Cook outside rather than in the kitchen! Have a traditional July 4 barbecue on your outdoor grill or smoker. In addition to saving electricity, you won’t have to turn up the AC to cool the kitchen, making the energy-sucking system work even harder.

Grilling on the Fourth of July

2. Prep your food

Reduce your grilling warm-up time by prepping your food in advance.

Fourth of July BBQ Food Prep

Slow Cookers and Microwaves for the Win!

Use a crockpot or microwave for cooking your food. Slow cookers or microwaves can make delicious and healthy meals while saving energy.

Slow Cooking on the Fourth of July

Bust out the Cold Cuts!

 Cool off with cold-cut sandwiches, salads, ice cream, and popsicles. Don’t forget the fruit! Incorporate fruit that doesn’t require refrigeration for some healthy holiday options.

Cold Cuts platter

3. Give Your Fridge a Break

Break out the coolers and ice chests. Save money by avoiding the constant opening and closing of your fridge. 

Cold Beers on the Fourth of July

4. Opt-Outside

Give your A/C a break. Take advantage of the longer daylight hours this summer and enjoy the cool summer breeze. Several outdoor activities don’t require energy.

Stay cool in the pool!

Escape the heat at the lake, river, ocean, or pool.  Splash the heat away!

Splashing in the water to beat the heat

Let’s have some fun on the lawn!

Bust out the cornhole, ladder ball, horseshoe, or more. Have fun with your favorite yard games and save energy to boot. 

Lawn games on the Fourth of July

If your house is empty, do not cool it!

Be sure to close your curtains and shades before leaving home to avoid overheating. Moreover, scheduling your thermostat helps keep costs down and eliminates unnecessary energy waste.

Woman closing curtains

5. Relax and Unplug

Take a break from technology. Let computers, laptops, game consoles, and TVs rest. Do not leave your electronics in standby mode by turning off power strips or unplugging cords. 

Unplug and save energy

Happy Fourth of July From APT

So, get outside and throw a bbq, prepping your food early, break out the cold cuts and coolers, splash in the water, play a yard game, close the curtains, and unplug for a while. Take time to enjoy the holiday and celebrate our country’s independence.

From all of us at APT, Happy Fourth of July.

Lindsey Harding, APT Director of Marketing and Business Development