APT Joins UC’s Small Business First Program

Longtime service provider APT helps meet UC’s Small Business Purchasing Goals

Applied Power Technologies, Inc. (APT), a meter and power monitoring and software systems integrator, has joined the University of California Small Business First program as a qualified CA small business enterprise.

The ten University of California campuses set aggressive goals to reduce growth-adjusted energy use by 2% each year and reach carbon neutrality by 2025. Most Energy Engineers and Utility Managers have already standardized their energy metering management software. 

APT has a quarter-century of experience installing and upgrading meters and power monitoring systems for university campuses. APT provides widespread and foundational support for all energy meters and instrumentation, including the network communications connecting these devices to energy management software.

We do this as a service for the UC campuses to solve problems and reduce your workload. Therefore, our service allows your team to focus on the intuitive screens and analytical reports you need to meet those aggressive goals. Further, we specialize in on-site support, installation, and service as a CA licensed electrical contractor.

Are you done with Tech Support?

Are you tired of spending hours on the phone with tech support? Let’s be honest, we are all sick of wasting hours on the phone waiting for a solution. But, APT we don’t wait for you to call us. We proactively verify everything is working and in addition show you where attention is needed.

We are NOT a call center — We are a SERVICE business

Our team of professionals works FOR you to make your job easier and you successful. So, can APT help you?

What We Do

APT’s Service Agreement provides integrated software and hardware support for your energy management system and electrical distribution.

Our service is a cost-effective solution for our client organizations that need more than a call center approach to service. We help maximize the overall reliability of your energy management system and reduce the total cost of ownership.

So, from troubleshooting and support through software upgrades and training we have you covered.

APT’s EMS service offers organizations of all sizes and types the single source support they need to ensure their system never gets in the way of running their business. In short, we provide your system a reliable and cost-effective solution for the capacity you need. 

Tired of Searching?

The UC system has prioritized increasing small business spending, offering relief to those impacted by the pandemic.

On average small and diverse spending for most campuses only accounts for around 15% or less. However, we understand each campus has set its own goal. As a result, the mounting pressure to reach those goals can be exhausting. But how do you reach that goal? 

Don’t try to meet your small business supplier goals by combing through databases!

Call APT and make your search easy. You owe it to yourself and your campus to get APT onboard as a service provider so you can save money, improve service and meet your small business supplier goals.

APT Can Help

APT’s system integration team helps our clients and customers specify the products and components for true energy monitoring systems as a whole. Above all, we help solve problems. Our business is built on responsive personal service.

Let us help ensure new construction projects purchase the right equipment, install it correctly, commission it efficiently, and produce the output data you need to operate your campus facilities and manage utilities for cost and consumption.

Looking for more information?

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Let us show you what APT can do for you.

Lindsey Harding, Director of Marketing and Business Development