Controlling Utility Bill Costs | Are you in control?

Are you in control of your costs?

For most of us, utility bills are simply a way of life (not something that garners much attention). However, they can result in considerable costs to your business. We assume that the bills we receive are correct and accurate, but mistakes happen.

In today’s business environment, many employees are working from home. As a result, it is more important than ever to stay on top of your energy bill costs. Having software that will forecast, demonstrate accruals, and reconcile your energy bill is a valuable business tool.

Forecasting Costs

Forecasting energy bills enables businesses to budget their monthly expenses accurately.Most of us focus on big-picture expenses. Most businesses are learning that they can do work remotely from home offices.

Understanding your monthly budgets to the greatest detail can help you make decisions. Moreover, reducing your office (and carbon footprint) will directly impact your utility bill and bottom line.   


Month-to-date accruals will help you recognize issues as they arise. When looking at a utility bill, you should never have to think, “How did that happen?” It isn’t a good feeling.

So how does this happen? 

  • Equipment fails
  • Things get left on by accident
  • New equipment gets installed

Do not get surprised! Be aware of these issues as they happen. 


Most of us don’t pay attention to our utility bills. We blindly expect them to be accurate. After all, they are the professionals, right? The unfortunate realization is that everyone makes mistakes.

For some businesses, the utility bill can be 10’s or 100’s of thousands of dollars. A one percent mistake can be a significant loss to the bottom line. No one pays their credit card bill without knowing exactly where the money goes. So, why do it with your utilities?

In partnership with Alchemy Unlimited, Applied Power Technologies makes it possible for you and your organization to gain control. Recipe Analytics, our Cloud-based software, gives you the power of control.  

Scott McGaugh, Chief Revenue Officer APT