Staying Connected in an Uncertain World

We’re Living in a Connected World

Over the last 20 years, e-mail, text messaging, and cell phones have evolved from fringe technology to a regular part of daily life. We use them to communicate and keep connected in our personal and work lives.

We rely on them to communicate essential alarms and events from monitoring systems in our business environments. Everything from tank levels to power quality events are communicated using either an e-mail or SMS. Moreover, some systems offer voice updates to cell phones.

…But It’s an Uncertain World

COVID-19 showed us how events in the world could impact us in unexpected ways. Who could guess that a virus would cause shortages and lockdowns, forcing employees to telecommute, school closures, and having jobs canceled or deemed unessential?

Overall this situation highlights the importance of keeping up with what is happening with your facility or plant’s systems. Therefore, we need to prepare for every situation. E-mail and cellular technologies help make that possible.

Don’t Take Technology for Granted

Unfortunately, these technologies are not impervious to interruptions. In catastrophic events like earthquakes, things happen rapidly. Communications systems can go down FAST. For instance, they can disrupt networks, damage communication lines, or shut down systems to protect themselves.

Meanwhile, cellular towers may lose their cellular network link. Additionally, emergency services may take over existing cellular and text messaging services, making them unavailable to civilian users. As a result, critical messages may not be available when needed most. 

Keeping You Connected

APT offers help with your critical notification needs. We have extensive experience with the hardware and software necessary to keep your systems connected. Above all, this allows us to ensure messages get through every time, wherever you may be.

We understand the pressure to adapt to the ever-changing and uncertain world. You are not alone in this struggle. Let APT help you stay connected, even when the world seems to be falling apart.

Rick Deming, APT Systems Engineer