Power Outages Happen | Is Your Backup System Prepared?

We rely on power to ensure our lives and businesses run smoothly. In the world today, what can be more inconvenient than the power going out? California is no stranger to blackouts and power outages. Power outages are rising each year due to increased demand and supply shortages. In 2019, 28.4 million utility customers were affected by California’s 25,281 blackout events. When these events occur, everything comes to a grinding halt. That is unless the standby or backup power picks up instantly. 

Automatic transfer switches (ATS), generators, and uninterruptables (UPS) are pieces of this system. Simply put, this magical part of the system combats any threat to system outages, whether it be on factory production lines, server rooms, or simply watching Netflix at home. But, what happens if the backup system built to be prepared for outages fails?

Are you aware of the state of your backup system?

If the answer is no… do you know why? 

Having a way to track or add a way to monitor devices provides standby or backup power. In the grand scheme of things, it is a small addition to the system. At APT, we specialize in integrating both native and non-native devices to Schneider PME. 

Example of APT Integration

You can identify the generator, switchboards, and ups’. Additionally, you can easily find the devices’ state in real-time in our diagrams, tracking currents, voltages, and power quickly and easily. It also provides a physical map of the circuit connections. If more detail is needed, the diagram will give way to default screens with more device-specific information. 

Our default screen for the generator provides crucial device statuses, including: 

  • System Start
  • Coolant Temps
  • Fuel Level
  • Voltage Current Basics
  • Power Basics

Example Generator Default Screen

Our default screen for the UPS provides a more comprehensive view of inputs, bypass, and outputs. At a glance, you can begin to visualize the state of your backup devices. Moreover, it helps to have access to this information for scheduling maintenance.

Example UPS Default Screen

Add your Generator, ATS, and UPS to your Electrical Power Monitoring System Now!

If you don’t have backup devices integrated into your EPM System, look no further. APT is here to assist you and get it done. Big or small APT has solutions for you. Please don’t wait for a problem to occur before you solve it. Let us help you stop problems before they happen.

Donald Flowers II. APT Field Service Engineer