Energy Bills | Control Your Biggest Costs

Make Electricity Visible. Energy Bills | Control Your Biggest Cost

Electricity on Fire

In the world today, the topic of energy is at the forefront of many minds.
In other words, people are starting to take energy consumption seriously. The movement toward energy efficiency has sparked like wildfire. Further, this cultural shift has increased the demand for energy-saving solutions. As a result, all government and society levels are taking steps to evolve their energy practices, taking a demonstrated stand on social issues. For many, electricity remains a mystery. It’s something you cannot see. Most people rarely think about energy consumption until the energy bills make their dreaded monthly appearance.

But what if we could see it?

In a way, we can.

By being proactive both at work and home while measuring it, electricity starts to take form.

Electricity around the world

Energy Bills | Control Your Biggest Costs

Whether at the office or home, HVAC and Lighting remain the largest contributors to our overall energy costs. In the old days, parents would remind us to turn the lights off when leaving a room.

Moreover, nowadays advancements in modern technology have brought to life many solutions to aid in tracking and reducing energy consumption. For example, smartphone apps, intelligent thermostats, lighting control systems with daylight harvesting, and complex building automation systems, to name a few.

No matter your HVAC system’s complexity, a system exists with the ability to control every aspect. For instance, simply allowing control systems to control rooms based on occupancy automatically can have a major impact on energy costs. Moreover, understanding timing-based temperature control and utilizing space can make a difference. Turn the heat down during the day, or adjust the AC at night.

Energy at Work

Energy Bills for the Workplace

In work environments, there is never an agreement on preferred office temperature.

Consequently, this leads to individuals using personal electric heaters.

But what can be done?

Including more climate zones into your space and adjusting seating arrangements are simple solutions that offer vast cost-saving potential.

Meanwhile. lighting continues to evolve almost daily, using LEDs and now POE (Power Over Ethernet). Nevertheless, in most non-industrial applications, lighting remains an immense energy cost. Moreover, nowadays there are numerous energy code requirements (daylight harvesting and occupancy sensors remaining the largest). However, there are still things WE CAN DO.

For instance, assure workstations have proper lighting to avoid personal desk lamps, removing potential overrides to the lighting control system, and ensuring adequate natural light.

A Brighter Tomorrow

Even considering the technological advances seeking to control energy costs, there remains a pressing issue.

How do you consistently increase awareness?

How to increase awareness about energy consumption? Energy Bills

This is where we come in…

APT ‘s software shows you how and why you are saving money. Above all, our software offers instant feedback on where improvements are needed. Additionally, we can install kiosks throughout your facility, providing everyone with a visual representation of the environmental impact their efforts have or lack thereof.

You cannot see electricity…wait… yes, you can.

With APT’s assistance, you can Make Electricity Visible.

Scott McGaugh, Chief Revenue Officer APT