Andy Taylor on Cybersecurity for the AEE World Energy Conference Virtual 2020

AEE World Energy Conference Virtual  2020 Featuring Andy Taylor on Cybersecurity

Today kicks off the first day of the AEE World Energy Conference for 2020. This year’s conference is held virtually in response to the worldwide pandemic, running on “a dedicated video conferencing system designed for connecting professionals at large events.” The event provides insight from over 100 speakers reviewing the latest in technical case studies, application success stories, innovations in technology, energy service improvements, and more. APT’s CEO Andy Taylor has been invited to lead a Technical Session covering “Cybersecurity for the IoT in Facility Energy Distribution.”

Andy Taylor CEO of Applied Power Technologies

Taylor has over 30 years of experience in facilities, manufacturing, and utility engineering.  He has a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Idaho, and a master’s degree in manufacturing systems engineering from Stanford University.  Taylor has been a registered professional electrical engineer since 1994.

Subsequently, Taylor was recruited by Applied Power Technologies after nearly ten years at Intel Corporation. Prior to Intel, Taylor worked as a consulting electrical engineer ABB all over the US and an electrical engineer at Idaho Power. Taylor has established himself as a seasoned professional skilled in both facilities management and manufacturing systems improvement.

Cybersecurity for the IoT in Facility Energy Distribution
Wednesday, Dec. 2nd | 11:00 – 11:40 am EST

APT saw the new CA state law SB-327 requiring CyberSecurity for all Internet-connected devices coming for 2020 and started to prepare for it after it passed in late 2018.  Though the bill does not require protection of existing infrastructure, we believe customers will want to address the CyberSecurity concerns with the purchase of ANY new electrical meter, gateway, trip unit, relay, or connected electrical device. Moreover, our strategy includes new components and new services for a complete solution.

APT has focused on upgrading two (2) certified secure components to the customer’s network:

  1. Secure Serial to Ethernet gateways
  2. Secure Ethernet switches

APT has focused on providing on-site services for each customer to comply with the requirements of SB-327  of every connected electrical device.  These services include:

  1. Assessment of customer’s electrically connected devices, networks, and infrastructure
  2. Installation of new secure Serial to Ethernet gateways and secure Ethernet switches at strategic locations at the customer’s site
  3. Procedures for the physical change of each device’s default password
  4. Compliance stickers for the devices that have been secured

Recently Identified Cybersecurity Risks

Schneider Electric has released a security notification warning of several vulnerabilities in Power Monitoring Expert 9.0, 8.x, and 7.x. Above all, the most significant of these vulnerabilities would allow a hacker to execute code remotely through the web application server. Additionally, this could allow someone to execute code of their choosing on the Power Monitoring server.

Since the application has access to your power management network, the other computers and devices on your system could become exposed. We have rated the likelihood of this exploit as a medium. Due to the potential for intrusion into other systems the impact is rate high.

Therefore, Applied Power Technologies strongly recommends that customers upgrade to Power Monitoring Expert 2020 to protect against these vulnerabilities and to keep your power management systems safe from attack. Additionally, Power Monitoring Expert provides many benefits over previous versions. APT can help discuss the benefits of an upgrade with you.

If upgrading is not possible at this time, please contact APT to discuss possible solutions. For instance, there are methods and practices we can employ to secure networks from intrusions and prevent exploitation of vulnerabilities. A network is only as secure as its most insecure component.

Let us help you to harden your power management network against intruders.

AEE World Energy Conference Virtual 2020

The conference includes keynote speeches from industry leaders speaking on important energy topics. They provide insight into their company’s operations, what it takes to lead, or how they innovate. These plenary sessions are true “got-to-attend” events that often provide the audience with the motivation to make changes or connect with other attendees.

The conference offers a way for industry professionals to learn and actively engage with industry leaders while maintaining all participants’ health and safety. The AEE World Energy Conference Virtual 2020 shows that innovation will persevere, even in times of global crisis.

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