How to Dispute A Utility Bill

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Proving incorrect utility billings for your building or campus can be a difficult challenge. However, while the collection of data required for proof can seem daunting a simple power monitoring system can provide you with all the data you need. With this in mind, we explore a common way that companies cross-check their billings for inaccuracies.

How does the utility generate your monthly bill?

Electrical Meter for utilities

All commercial facilities have a utility revenue meter installed at the main electrical feed. This meter is primarily responsible for monitoring power consumption for the entire facility. Firstly, the meter data is what the utility uses as the basis for billing calculations. Secondly, your utility will apply your applicable tariff to the meter data. Lastly, the tariff hourly rates multiplied by meter consumption data results in your hour by hour billings.

Verifying the Utility’s Billing Calculations

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Consequently, savvy businesses will install a power monitoring device to record the same power consumption as the utility’s revenue meter. The recorded data can be used to generate “shadow billing” information using your tariff. The shadow billing will give a precise calculation of what to expect when your real utility bill arrives. Proof of an incorrect utility bill starts with accurate shadow billing.  

Providing the Proof

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A power monitoring system will leverage the power monitoring device, accurate tariffs, and reporting capabilities to create and record shadow billings over time. Subsequently, this can be used to create a baseline for accurate billing by the utility and quickly highlight when discrepancies started. A clear and indisputable report to the utility will result in billing corrections, which in the case of large buildings or campuses can mean large returns on investment.

We Can Help

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APT specializes in power monitoring system design, implementation, and service. If you’d like to learn more about establishing a system or updating an existing system onsite for obtaining the data you need, please contact us.

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