Why should you update Microsoft Windows regularly?

Be Prepared

Like all modern operating systems, Microsoft Windows is a complex collection of applications and code. They work together to allow you to perform tasks, share resources and move information from place to place. These very same facilities that enable you to accomplish amazing tasks can also leave you open to intrusion. That is if you do not keep your operating system up to date with the latest patches and service packs.

Hackers spend considerable time and talent, attempting to gain entry to unprotected systems. As a result, Microsoft spends an even larger amount of time and resources on making sure that your computers are safe from intrusion. The primary mechanism for keeping your system safe is through service packs, patches, and security updates.

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft does an excellent job developing these operating systems, but they are by no means perfect. As Microsoft develops new operating systems, they will often come back to repair and patch things up.

Microsoft Computer on Desk

These are based on the lessons they have learned, building their next-generation operating systems. These fixes can improve reliability, make the operating system more secure, and otherwise enhance user experience.

Finally, Microsoft often implements new capabilities into the operating systems it produces. It often updates accessories such as web browsers to improve performance, enhance the browsing experience, and keep up with changing technologies.

Keeping Your System Safe

At APT we strongly recommend that you either enable automatic updates or, at the least, perform manual updates regularly. This is to ensure that your operating system is as stable and secure as you and Microsoft can make it. That way, you can focus on what you want to accomplish.

If you would like this necessary function to become a part of your regular system maintenance please talk to your APT representative and let us help you keep your systems safe and secure.

Rick Deming, Systems Engineer APT