2020 Power Quality: Why is it so much worse?

2020 just keeps on getting worse – and now power quality

As a critical service provider to the power and energy delivery businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area, APT has been closely monitoring this year’s increased number of system-wide power quality events. In 2020, these events have significantly disrupted many of our customers’ businesses, including data centers, companies who work with critical materials in technology and production, and other large‑scale operations with critical power requirements.

To date, in 2020, APT captured 15 area-wide power quality events that impacted our customers – twice as bad as the previous two years.

2020 PQ Events
SF Bay Area 2020 Power Quality Summary

Number of Area Wide PQ Events

2018: 8

2019: 7

2020: 15

APT works directly with the utility suppliers to identify what is happening, why the change, and make recommendations to improve. Sharing the current impacts to your business with us helps improve reliability, so we all win.

Presently, the utilities supplying the San Francisco bay area power are under pressure. This pressure is the result of not only the COVID-19 epidemic but, the unprecedented fires surrounding us and the ongoing heatwaves stretching the grid across the entire state. Only by reminding them of the impact of their decisions on your business will you have a voice at the table.

Furthermore, the best way to get detailed information about why this is happening is to work with the local utilities. They provide power transmission and distribution to these critical customers. The smaller municipal utilities can often provide faster, more accurate information and feedback than the large investor-owned utilities. Overall, building a trusted relationship like this takes time and effort from all parties.

Interested in the details from the large voltage sags this past month on Sunday, September 13th, and Tuesday, September 22nd? 

Contact us, we track utility PQ events that impact our customers. Get this information to the people who need to know at your organization!

Andy Taylor, Chief Executive Officer APT