Replace and Upgrade your ION 7700 Meter without a Shutdown

ION 7700 Meter

Replace and Upgrade your ION 7700 Meter Today!

APT’s ION 9000 upgrade kit easily replaces and upgrades your obsolete ION 7700 meter. Our upgrade kit offers seamless removal and installation, without shutting down power to the load. A few key components that already exist on the 7700 installations make this possible.

Example of Shorting Block for ION 7700


The CT’s are wired thru a shorting block, this allows the CT wires to be shorted to the ground, by inserting the screw pins into the block, and then being able to be disconnected from the meter safely.

Example of Fused Disconnect Switch for ION 7700


The voltage reference wires are connected to a fused disconnect switch when the disconnect switch is opened, the wires become de-energized and allow for these wires to be removed from the 7700 and reinstalled to the new ION 9000 meter safely.

EATON CHPV Fuse Holder


The control power connected to the 7700 is connected thru a fused disconnect switch as well, once the switch is opened, the control power wires can be removed from the meter and reconnected to the new ION 9000.


After reconnecting all the wiring to the new ION 9000, we remove the shorting pins from the block, and the disconnect switches closed. All that remains is to program the new ION 9000 with appropriate settings.

Typical Failure Modules for the ION 7700

  • The Remote Mounted Display (RMD) goes blank or the buttons no longer work
  • Logging on the meter will stop working
  • Communication cards lock up and do not respond

Schneider Electric Meters and Monitors

The ION 9000 Remote Display Meter is a power quality meter that provides the same sophisticated power quality data available from the ION 7700. With the Remote Display, customers can upgrade these meters with no interruption or shutdown, matching the original installation. Select the level of support you need to upgrade your meter minimizing the impact on your operation.

Not sure which package is right for you?

Contact APT and one of our technical experts can assist you in selecting the upgrade kit that suits your needs. APT will put a knowledgeable person on-site to help you fix problems and eliminate finger-pointing. Our personal attention to detail fills the gap between manufacturer’s startup warranties and your operational needs, ensuring your system will provide the information you need when you need it.

At Applied Power Technologies, Inc. (APT) we pride ourselves on our customer service. Our goal is to make customers feel secure and taken care of. Let us help you today!

Nick Skarvelis Senior Electrician APT