Coordination and Arc Studies: Why APT?

Be Proactive now, Save time and Money Later cover for Coordination and Arc Studies: Why APT?

Coordination and Arc Studies

Do you have an existing facility or building? Do you make changes frequently? How do you make those changes? If the answer is yes, we would surmise that most changes get made without updated coordination and arc flash studies. Consequently, this leaves your facility vulnerable. For instance, failing to update the short circuit study for suitable device settings after every change, increases the potential for nuisance tripping of upstream breakers.

However, a protective coordination study helps determine the impacts of short circuits and equipment failures in your facility to maximize the facility’s operation. Using the combined information provided by the Arc Flash Hazard Analysis, we make educated decisions to implement necessary changes.

Dog with poor coordination

Coordination Study Objective

A Protective Device Coordination Study will ensure the optimal balance between your equipment protection and selective isolation, creating consistent operating requirements in the power system. Additionally, the study will confirm the interruption ratings, conductors and switches are adequate for reducing equipment failure. 

Arc Flash Flashover

What is an Arc Flash?

An Arc Flash (also called a flashover) is the light and heat produced as part of an arc fault, a type of electrical explosion or discharge that results from a connection through the air to the ground or another voltage phase in an electrical system.

Arc Flash Risk Assessment

Did You Know?

70E states — “An arc flash risk assessment shall be updated when a major modification or renovation takes place. It shall be reviewed periodically at intervals not to exceed 5 years to account for changes in the electrical distribution system that could affect the results of the arc flash risk assessment.”

Why APT?

With the experience of APT and our partners, we do not only do studies. In addition, we collect from the site all the information needed, create, maintain an accurate one-line, and as-built drawing of your system. Completing accurate studies requires a tremendous amount of information. In short, at APT we do the work from start to finish.

Above all, APT’s experienced engineering staff is here to ensure your electrical system is functioning at its highest level. Moreover, we will recommend Power Quality correction solutions, discuss and recommend trip unit adjustments, update arc stickers, and point out potential issues proactively.

Be proactive now. Save time and money later.

Scott McGaugh, Chief Revenue Officer and Partner