August 2020 Heat Wave Results in Rolling Power Outages again

Fri Aug 14 2020 – San Francisco Bay Area PG&E Outage Map

Friday August 14th, 2020 5:00PM – the ongoing heat wave in California resulted in the California ISO power authority declaring a Stage 3 emergency and directing utilities across the state to implement rolling outages this weekend.

Pacific Gas & Electric interrupted service to more than 220,000 customers in the Bay Area alone Friday evening. Similar rolling outages were implemented in Southern California as well. The ongoing heat wave meant the risk was not over – on Saturday CAL ISO had already warned of continued power emergencies.

APT is helping our clients prepare for outages with standby generators distributed at critical locations controlled and monitored from on site operations centers. These generation assets can transfer critical loads proactively without interruption to maintain business processes.

Just last year California suffered numerous rotating outages due to wildfire risks, and this year the fire season is just starting.

APT’s specialty is helping our clients monitor and control their own power distribution, including backup power sources.  For more than twenty five years we have been a trusted partner for businesses large and small.

If you want to proactively know and control what happens to your critical loads, contact us for more information. This is our business!