Utility Bill Forecasts, Accrual, and Reconciliation

APT analytical reports
APT’s analytical reports provide the data owner/operators need

Thursday March 12th, 2020 – Large customers’ monthly utility costs are typically the highest operational expense each month. Discerning customers have commissioned APT to configure their Electrical Power Monitoring System (EPMS) to support their financial decisions with utility cost forecasts, monthly accruals, and bill reconciliation.

Usually, APT is approached by customers after they receive a utility bill and want to dispute the charges. This starts our engagement to help the customer control their utility costs.

Occupancy changes for a building or campus can result in changes of more than $10k-$100k in the monthly utility bill. When accurately forecast, these funds can be re-allocated to other discretionary funding needs.

Accurate Energy Cost Forecasts provide control for bills

Our existing customers already use APT’s solutions to forecast, accrue, and reconcile their utility bills – so they can allocate their OpEx budgets from utilities to discretionary spending. If you don’t already know how much smaller your electric bill is going to be this month – you need to get APT working for you…

Get control of your utility costs and be prepared to dispute bills.