October 9, 2019 PG&E Wildfire Public Safety Outage Maps

Wed Oct 9 2019 – PG&E Outage Map

Wednesday October 9th, 2019 3:00PM – PG&E is proceeding with their CPUC approved proactive power shutoff plan due to red flag weather conditions today across the San Franscisco Bay area and the Sierra foothills.

Pacific Gas & Electric anticipates interrupting service to more than 250,000 customers in just the Bay Area alone.  These public safety actions were justified by the utility company to mitigate wildfire risks.  On Tuesday afternoon, PG&E announced it will shut off power to more than 800,000 customers in North Central California starting Wednesday.   The utility promised that they would notify affected customers directly.

APT’s past experience with these types of interruptions from the 1999 rolling outages indicates that in reality customers should not expect to be notified, and that contacting PG&E for more information will be difficult as the utility is alrady overwhelmed with calls and hits on their company website outage map.

We’ve posted the latest PG&E outage maps on our website in an attempt to help disseminate this important information, and to help our customers prepare for any outages.  Stores in hard hit areas have already reported long lines for gasoline and diesel, generators, battery powered lights, and grocery stores.  School districts in affected areas are already cancelling classes for students.

APT’s business is helping customers monitor and control their own power distribution, including backup power sources.  We’ll post impacts as they are captured for our customers as they happen.

If you want to proactively know and control what happens to your critical loads, contact us for more information. This is our business!