APT Seattle Office Q1 Wrap Up

APT Seattle Q1 Wrap Up

Q1 2019 is in the books. It was only a short time ago APT revealed that it was opening an office in Seattle but there is still much to share!

In the Puget Sound region APT is rolling on several projects, including multiple large tech campuses, and a critical shipyard TI. APT has been able to support partners and projects like never before with a local presence for construction meetings, sales calls, project support, and more. In this fast paced SCADA and energy monitoring industry contractors aren’t always willing to look outside of their region for help, and we’ve seen doors beginning to open after planting a flag in Seattle. We’re working very closely with our partners and have been strategizing on the next opportunities.

“I think anytime you can support customers directly and work with them side-by-side regularly great things will happen” stated Ken Shaffer, Senior Project Manager. “We’re working hard to add value locally on complex projects and I’m hopeful this will lead to big opportunities next quarter and beyond.”