Power Quality Event South Bay Area October 27, 2018

CBEMA ITIC curve capture October 2018

California South Bay Region experienced a Power Quality (PQ) sag event.
At 10/27/2018 6:51:05 AM, system-wide PQ Event was experienced in the South Bay Area. Voltage was 66% for 3.96 cycles.

A Power Quality Event (PQ Event) can occur when for many reasons.
Is your facility capable of knowing when this type of event has occurred?
Did this event impact your facility?

Being prepared with the addition of Power Quality Meters and an Electrical Power Monitoring System (EPMS) will allow your facility to see the unseen.
The ability to see the effects and reactions your facility has a Power Quality event will give your team control of the unseen.

Incidents like this can have impacts upon your facilities production and impact the bottom line.
Are you able to predict if this type of issue was caused by your facility equipment or was it a result of the power grid feeding your facility?
With the installation of a few metering devices in your facility electrical distribution system you will never have to guess what the answer is to this question.
Power Quality Events occur more often than you would think. Just because the power was not a 100% Sag Voltage or loss of power does not mean your facility was not impacted.
Electrical metering has become a more economical in the last few years.
Electrical Power Monitoring Systems (EPMS) are an excellent way to monitor, report and notify facility teams in real time the status of any electrical system.

Power Quality sine wave capture of Voltage
Power Quality sine wave capture of Current